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Thread: Love problem

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    Angry Love problem

    Hi guys
    Hey just help me out, i have boyfriend previously he used to love me so so much whole of his world was revolving around me and same was for me... In-fact its still true for me..now we are studying in different city..i keep on informing everything what am doing? where am going ? with whom...Tha problem starts here
    now days he not talking even for 5 min , telling me every-time so much am having stress ,academically this much i have to do.. am finding his photos updates on face book..one girl is very much interested in him , i think he also stared liking her . If i will ask him do u love me or where i stand in ur life he will just wont reply n keep on saying dont eat my head

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    Don’t doubt @ first sight itself, wait for some more days and look for his attitude and behavior, if it’s too strange, then most probably he would have crush on somebody else… if your love is true and if you need him back, maximum try to plz him……

    Handle your guy & situation with care…..

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    hi babydoll

    dont think much ... if its happening this way then i think u better be prepared for worst thing ... in my opinion he is intersted in someone else n u also start looking someone or get busy urself in ur carrier that will be better for u ..

    n one more thing the more importance u will give him he will behave like this ... he will understand ur importance once u also talk to him occaassionaly n if still then he dont turn on ur side then forget him n let him go to hell n u enjoy ur life

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    need more love and attention in relationship

    It is very normal in a relationship when one person moves away, missing him or her. Men are more physical(prefer to go movie, coffee together), whereas women are more mental, just a phone call, text, email keeps them happy. It is very likely that his is still getting used to his new place. Giving time and space in relationship is very important. If he did not like you then he would have never picked you call at the first place.
    At this point i would suggest you to leave him email or message, that you miss him a lot and understand he is getting busy in studies but you are still waiting and need his love. Men love women you are smart sensible and mature in relationship. Keeping patience in relationship will ensure him that you are great women who can stand by his tough time. Trust me if really loves you he will comeback with more love.
    If he continues this for more than 2 months with lack of communication even after giving time, then its time for you to move on. You can lead a horse to water but cannot make him drink. You can only do so much. Hope something works out for you!

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    A relationship will be fruitful only if both the partners love each other, if there is something wrong with the one, there the problem starts. Normally, the boys are like that, once if they start seeing a girl they will get behind her, talk to her, and do all stuffs which they like; but once the girl accepts, they start showing their real color; that is how the world is. So, don’t trust anyone in life, be self dependent.

    I wanted to ask a question to you, do you love him truly? If so! Please go and talk to him directly, instead of talking over the phone; because than proper communication there is no other better solution for this. So better try doing it.......

    Hope it helped!!

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    You should take precautions so that you can be independent in case, he doesn't come back. At the same time you should please him try to fine some time to meet him talk to him once and get to understand him. He may be upset on you for something, just be prepared for anything..!

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