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Thread: Need a Friend in Mumbai

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    Need a Friend in Mumbai

    Hi all,

    After Graduation, moved to Mumbai on my job and here I love this City but sad no1 to share or enjoy. Basically Im from Andhra n not so good in hindi too. Tried to search some ffriends over here but seems none works for me. Need a friend just for chillin out .. Partying n mongerin over here...

    Im an easy going guy n like to make best of my life... Please feel free to reply or to PM me


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    Hey everyone,

    We are newly married couple and after our marriage we recently moved to Mumbai, we are a very happy couple but the sad part of life is we donít have anyone to talk and spend some quality time with each other but me and my wife. We stay in an apartment near Santacruz (East), they people around us does not talk to us very much. If any of you guys want to be our friends do reach me with a reply I will contact you.
    Hoping to get friends..!

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    Hey anime,

    I canít even imagine a life without friends. Because friends are the one who will stay with us for a long time, they will guide us in things, etc......

    Be wise in choosing friends; choose a friend who will be there with you both in your trials as well as happiest moments. I think you can better try with some friendship clubs; even in Mumbai there are many try with those; they will definitely help you in finding good friends. Hope it helped!!

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