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Thread: Attention pls--expert or experienced guidance required here

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    Attention pls--expert or experienced guidance required here


    I want to confirm one important thing. I am 35 years man working in a private company. One i Came acroos an advertisement in local news papers of Hari bhoomi & nai dunia classifieds. The ads wwere under the banners--- Real, star, eshika international companies etc. These ads stated that any unemployed person can join them for making money in the range of 10,000 to 15,000. When i called them a female voice was on the other end-- She says any male person can join them by regstration of rs.2500/- and once the payment is done online they will give 2-3 services every week. The services mean man has to engage in massaging activities to hi profile ladies and in turn they will pay money to these men/boys who join their clubs. They say onec we register with their clubs, a cab will come to pick us up and the lady will entertain us as per her desires and finally she will pay us for the gratification we shower on her or ultimately she will pay us for satisfaction she received due to our presence anyhow.

    Here i want to know is there any truth in such type of concept. Paying Rs.2000/- and becoming may not be big. If it is for real perhaps there is no harm in joining the club as one can make some xtra income by exchanging our pleasure concepts. SO HERE MY QUESTION SHOULD WE TRUST THESE CLUBS OR ARE THEY THUGS WHO SLEEP AFTER TAKING AWAY MONEY. But these clubs are into operation and valid in advertisements since last 2 to 3 years.

    Please provide some views so that I may join to make extra income as stated by them.

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    I seriously do not have an idea about it becomes i never read news papers and things. I havenít come across these words seriously. I do not know about this. But after reading your post i came to know that it is a club for people for making income, i wonít appreciate all these things. My sincere advice for you is do not enter into that without knowing much about it and end up with some problem. Instead please do look for some jobs. We do not know how far it is true, it might be even fake. So always think twice before you do anything.

    Hope you understood!!

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    I heard something like this but the they usually say they will eat your 2000 rs deposit and you cannot do anything.

    This Massage is not simple massage it engages you in sexual activities.

    Other way you are becoming a male prostitute.

    If you wanna try 2000 is nothing just give a shot.

    IF you are married or in a relationship or your social life can be ruined easily.

    Think before you opt.

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    I agree with vivek, he is totally right........

    I think this is not good, my question is would you like to join this club?

    My sincere advice to you is please do not join it. Once you feel that is not a right thing then stop doing it instead of that if you wanted to try with them then the problem will arise in the future. Make a decision in your own, itís your choice.

    Hope you got my point.....

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