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Thread: luv a girl

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    Smile luv a girl

    I like a girl since 10yrs,when i was 20yr i started to talk with her and after 2year i proposed her but she denied my proposal because she thinks that i never try myself to understand her.....she never do jokes,she is very serious girl.
    Thing is that i know from myself that how much i try to understand her,this is true that i understand her only 60% but i am trying,what should i do,i am planning to forget her always live like other boys.....


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    Hello karan,

    My question to you is, do you want to have relationship with her or you wanted to ignore her.

    If you are planning to continue the rest of your life with her, then just go and talk to her, discuss about the future plans.You have mentioned that she denied your proposal and the reason is also been mentioned, that you do not understand her. So you better try to understand her, do the things according to her likes, be friendly; another important thing is always be positive in your approach. If you really like that girl, then this thought wouldn’t have striked your mind.The rest is up to you....

    Hope you understood!!

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