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Thread: girl firend

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    girl firend

    Hi i am m 30 looking for a girl friend in delhi NSA.

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    Oh my god!
    You have completed 30 years of age and still looking for girl friend? You should get married soon. Don’t feel bad since no girl will have interest in making a 30 year old as her boyfriend. They will say you as “Uncle”. Instead of searching for girlfriends why don’t you search for a good life partner? It is a waste of time. My opinion is that you get married soon. Enjoy your life with your wife. And plan for kids soon. They will make your life worth to live. Without a proper family you will feel alone in this world. Your will feel that your life in empty. So fill your life with a proper life partner and kids. Hope you can understand my point. Money is not the only thing that will make you happy. The person who loves you and cares for you will make your life happier. Search for that kind of person. Girlfriends may come today and disappear from your life tomorrow.

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