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Thread: Please Help me out

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    Please Help me out

    We got married on Dec'12, we have register our Marriage in Bandra Court, the guy committed me that he will disclose our marriage to his family, he is not ready to speak to his parents about our relation, nor to my parents , and now i am in pressure from parents for my marriage but now the situation is , i dont understand what shud i do.... even from last 10 days he stopped talking to me....

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    Thats a sad situation, are you guys staying together ?
    If he is avoiding you, better you talk to your parents first & then approach his parents.

    Who was the witness from your side, you can take help of that person also.

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    it's never too late now, as soni as suggested you need to talk your parents and then their parents. And i would like to know the reason why your husband is not ready to talk to his or parents and your relationship, you should have been little careful when he was not ready to talk to your parents about relationship. Now you make the move and be brave enough to talk to your parents and tell them everything about the marriage and talk to them in a soft tone and make them understand the scenario. lets hope everything goes well.

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    Oops, this is something absurd!
    I guess you need to somehow search your guy and speak with him strictly about your future, Ask what difficulty he is facing @ present. For enhanced discussion kindly take some experienced persons help.

    Make conversation graceful and polite, coz you are legally married to him….

    Handle Situation With Care!

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