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Thread: arrange marriage kaa problem

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    Unhappy arrange marriage kaa problem

    Hi friends....

    My self Saurabh.....I am class one officer selected through UPSC by direct recruitment....basically I from Maharashtra....but my permanent job will only in Delhi under Delhi NCR govt...there are only two member in my family thats my mother and me....as I will in Delhi....we thought to get a alliance for marriage from or near of Delhi.....accordingly we ( me & my mom) met with one family ( same religion ( Buddhist)) in agra for my marriage...in first interaction the girls was seemingly unhappy ...but as it was our first interaction i didn'd get time to speak with her separately/ freely...later on girls brothers ( Four brothers and the girl is only sister of them) inquired abt me, my job and family....for that they had been to maharashtra.......but their my sister ( only one sis of mine & happily married) didn't like girls brother's attitude...but it was ok...later on girls brothers invited my sis and jiju to agra to have meeting to see the girls ...but this time also the girls was looking upset and didn't spoke properly with my sis....but girls brother were very enthusiastic abt the relationship....my sis didn't like the girl...after coming back to delhi....we called agra family and told we are intested in the relationship...i also took side of sister, jiju, and mom...as i was not sure what was in girls mind....this incedence took place 27/01/2013 ....but few days back girl called me through her frnds mobile....and asked why i didn't took her side...i said i was not sure whether she likes me are not...now she is saying she loves me a lot ...and want to marry only me...she was crying ....and now she is sending emotional msgs ....i m not sure...whether i should pursue this matter further or not.....the girl is good looking well educated (MSc, B.Ed.)....and is from influential family....now she says she loves me and pressurizing me to speak with sister and mom for this relationship.....Friends i was going for simple arrange marriage ....but its tilting towards love marriage ( she says she love me).....i like her...but not sure this relation will succeed or not.....plz plz plz give ur suggestions frds......plz plz.....

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    Hi saurabh,

    I really canít understand that girl....

    You had mentioned in your post that you like that girl very much, she is pretty etc.....at the same time you tell that the girl do not like you. This is bit confusing to me. My question to you is, why suddenly that girl should call you and send some emotional SMS. Think about that first and decide. You told that when you saw her for the first time, she dinít like you, then what made her like you now. I think there must be some motive behind this, without no reason she will not do this. Talk to her personally, discuss the things. If you are fine with her, then go ahead and get married.

    Hope you understood!!

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