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Thread: School in Dwarka

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    Dear All,
    Please suggest some good school in Dwarka.
    My son is 4.5 years and want admission in Kg.I was planning for ITL,Venkateswar(sec 18), Indraprastha, Basava International etc.
    But as per report of ITL in this site from Mrs. Ritu & others ,I have to change the decession of ITL.
    Could anyone suggest some school in Dwarka with good teachers & good extra ciruclar activities.

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    I am too in look out for good school in dwarka. I have a son who is to be admitted in Class-Nursery and a daughter who need to be admitted in class IV.
    I have been told that Venketeswara International School (VIL) located in Sector -10 is a good school. This school has another branch in sector 18 which has a centrally air-conditioned building. I some how have reservation on sending my schools to sector 18 branch. Could any one who has kids studing in sectors 10 branch of VIL provide me a feedback on the quality of education in the school.

    I am also planning to take a house on rent in Dwarka - could anyone pls. suggest the best sector for the purpose which do not have water problem (which I understand is quite common in dwarka)

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    Dear All,

    I am surprised to read the comments / views of the people about ITL.

    My son is in 6th standard in ITL and i don't find any problem.

    As such fee is concerned if you see all the schools are taking more or less nearby only. I you see the fee structure of Venkatesh, Indrapastha OR ever others also, they all are coming in the same range.

    I think fee is really high in all the schools, ITL is not an exception.


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    schools in dwarka---

    1) Delhi Public School (DPS)

    2) Modern Convent School

    3) BGS International School

    4) Icon International School

    5) DAV Public School

    6) Kendriya vidyalaya


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    Nirmal Bhartia School (NBS) located at sector 14 opposite to metro is a good school. My child studies there and is doing wonderfully well. They have a good academic system in place and a lot of activities where parents are involved actively along with their children. I shifted my daughter from another school and she is showing appreciable improvement. I would recommend NBS.

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    The Indian Heights, Sector 23, Dwarka is a good school. My child goes to this school and I am very satisfied with the holistic development of my child. Must visit it once before deciding on any other school.

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    If you want good schools in dwarka go here [url]http://www.dwarkacity.com/Schools_&_Colleges-34.htm[/url] you will get all the school list in dwarka.

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    mount carmel is a good school but getting ur child admitted over there is totally luck game.venkateshwara sec 10 is of really good repute,i cant say much abt sec 18 branch although i have heard they try to drag you for sec 18 because of more fee as compared to sec 10.ITL is not promising,i have my relative's kids studying over there and they are not at all happy.there is OPG,Paramout etc which are more or less the same,you can visit the school and find out from the paresnts of kids already studying there.

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    Venkateshwar Int'l (sector 18) is not a school,actually it is Venkateshwar Intl Kirana Store. Inspite of my child clearing the so called entrance exam I was not allowed to meet the principal for interaction on some pretext or the othr and finally whn i met her, she shamelessly tells me there are no seats available now and i should leave my application on a plain paper (this is after proper registeration and clearing the exam even)with the school. After two days i get a call from the school that i can come for the admission. When i went to the accounts section for fee deposit i was once again shamelessly told that the donation which was earlier Rs 25000/- has been increased to Rs 50000/. when i represented to the adm officer, he coolly says sir this was twenty days bak now it is Rs 50000/-. I again said, is your school anyway linked with Bombay stock exchange and my child has cleared the exam 1 month bak but u have been delaying the admission owing to non availability of principal whats my fault? For this his interesting statement was "why do u want to meet the principal, if u want admission deposit the donation otherwise look 4 some othr school".Such uncivilised,uncultured and irrational behaviour from the school can surely give u an impression what is in store for the kids. i saw a number of parents being ridiculed openly. When SMALL people get power they do not know how to handle this power and in no time they start feeling like god. same is with these schools who have gained unprecedented importance due to poor school to kids ratio in india. God save our country and the innocent kids. The only thing we helpless parents can do is to curse the human beings behind this racket from the inner core of our heart and use this mode to convey our bitter experiences, just to lessen the number of victims 8o|

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    It seems like several people are confused over which Dwarka schools are worth the effort. Though I cannot give a compehensive answer, but I would like to add my two cents for BGS International.

    I have been living in Dwarka for last 5 years, and very close to the school as well. I am still to meet a single parent who says they are happy with the school. I have learnt that the atmosphere in the school in not conducive to studies, especially since there are song/dance rehearsals going on 80% of the year using a horribly loud speakers, with complete ignorance of the students sitting in classes. The worst is that the principal Ms Punam Gupta is very adamant and would not listen to anyone, and is only interested in holding functions/fates/fests in the school every month.

    I personally dont have anything against BGS, and would be evident as I am not promoting any other school - these are facts.

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    I'm surprised to hear the comments about BGS International as school belongs to a reputed trust which have experience and history in the field of education.
    I have not yet met any parents which are not satisfied with the schools. All the parents tell that Principal is a dynamic lady and give a high praise.School is being recommended by many parents to me.

    How one can comment without the personal experience of the school?

    I am totally confused??????????????

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    Hi, I want to get my son admitted in standard IV in some Dwarka school. I have visited few schools included Nirmal Bhartiya School. Do any one has idea about the academic atmosphere of school. please help.

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    Some of the good schools in Dwarka are:
    * DPS, Sec-3 [ Lot of stress on academics]
    * VIS, Sec-10 [Famous among parents]
    * Mount Carmel School, Sec-22 [Convent and good results in past years]
    * R D Rajpal Public School, Sec-9 [ Big campus, lot of greenery, academically good and affordable fees]
    * Indraprastha International, Sec-10 [ Well maintained and lot of extra curricular activities]
    * G D Goenka , Sec-10 [ Good facilities and expensive]

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    * R D Rajpal Public School, Sec-9 [ Big campus, lot of greenery, academically good and affordable fees]

    Big Campus - Yes
    Greenery - Yes
    Academically good - Not really
    Affordable - Yes
    Unreasonable with Kids - Yes
    Lala School - Yes
    Desi Teachers - Yes
    Good Gentry - Not Really
    Weekly Activity Pressure on Students - Yes

    Decide yourself. ;-)

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    for admissions in any dwarka schools at a discount for any class from nursery to class XII,
    call - 9711702112

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    BGS International Public Shool Dwarka

    I am also not happy with the school. BGS is not the right school for kids as teachers does not care every child properly. Small children are really on the mercy of teachers. Principal is also not very concerned & suggestions given by parents to her.
    No communication skill is developed. Standard of assignments given end of the week is also very poor. All four subjects are in a single piece of paper. Quality of paper is so poor.

    Not meeting the standards of other dwarka schools like ITL, Mount Carmel, VIS, DPS, etc.


    [QUOTE=Ric;95902]I'm surprised to hear the comments about BGS International as school belongs to a reputed trust which have experience and history in the field of education.
    I have not yet met any parents which are not satisfied with the schools. All the parents tell that Principal is a dynamic lady and give a high praise.School is being recommended by many parents to me.

    How one can comment without the personal experience of the school?

    I am totally confused??????????????[/QUOTE]

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    Admission in dwarka school

    My daughter is 7 years old . We are looking for some good school. After going through different thread. Now we are really confused what to do. please suggest.

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    nothing too crazy

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    Admission to Schools in Dwarka

    Hi All,

    I've been going through some posts on this website and is confused which school to go for. Request sincere parents to please suggest us some good schools in Dwarka for admission to Class - II. I've been trying to find out the best schools in Dwarka, however, not getting upto the mark information.

    Please help us by suggesting some good schools. Also in case if you could share details regarding fees and any other relevant information for these schools, that would be helpful.

    Thank you.

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    Adarsh World Senior Sec. School
    Sec-12, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75

    Bal Bharti Public School
    Sec -12, Dwarka

    Bal Bhavan International School
    Sec-12, Dwarka

    Cozy Cot Special School
    B-175,Palam Extn,
    9911695978/9811487712 cozycot@rediffmail.com

    Dav Public School
    Sec-6, Dwarka
    25083166 / 25082166

    Delhi International School
    Sec-23, Dwarka, New Delhi - 75
    28052500 / 28052300

    Dwarka International School
    Sec-12, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75

    MRV School
    Sec-13, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75

    Sec-16 B, Phase - 2,

    Queen's Valley School
    Sec-8, Dwarka,
    Phase -1, New Delhi-75 25365145/25365146

    R.D. Rajpal Public School
    Sec-9, Dwarka
    25074111 / 65472230

    Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya
    Sec-10, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75

    Sachdeva Global School
    Sec-18-a, Phase -2,
    Dwarka, New Delhi

    St. Thomas' School
    Near Sec-19,
    New Delhi
    25317321 / 25317322

    Sunrise Convent School
    D-Block, Bharat Vihar,
    Sec-15, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75

    The Indian Heights School
    Sec-23, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75
    45586511/ 9999038887

    Vandana International School
    Sec-10, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75

    Venkteshwar International School
    Sec-10, Dwarka
    42815336 / 25089415

    Vishwa Bharati Public School
    Sec-6, Dwarka,
    New Delhi - 75
    25082884 / 25087182

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