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Thread: How to calm down crying baby????

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    How to calm down crying baby????

    I am very distressed about my newborn baby crying.Want some suggestion how to stop him from crying.please share if you have some ideas.

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    Hey preethi this sounds really silly.......

    Normally babies will cry especially the new born, because everything is new to them. Quite a long time they were safe in the motherís womb, and things seem different for them once they come out. Babies know nothing except crying, because they are used to it. But itís tough to make them stop crying. There are lots of stuffs you can do to make your crying baby calm, please try them. I would like to give you few tips to make your baby calm, please have a look at it;

    When they cry feed them. Because there are chances for a baby to cry even out of hunger.
    Give your baby some nice stuff to play like toys, playing stuffs etc...
    Take an effort to make them laugh.

    These are some simple things you can do to calm your baby.

    Hope it helped!!

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    hi preeti

    feed ur baby whenver he/she cry ...

    but if this is also not happeneing then consult doctor once ....

    n observe when ur baby cry more ... like while urination or defaecation or any particular situation ..

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    It is very usual that babies will cry because other than that they do not know anything. I will just mention the reason why babies tend to cry, here it goes;

    The first and the foremost thing is that when it is feeling hungry
    When the diaper is wet
    When they see some scary things

    If you fulfill all these to your baby and keep them away from scary things, then i hope your child will not cry often.

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    Oh i know how that feels when your baby is crying for a longer time.........

    Because, even i have experienced the same with my sisterís daughter. She is just one year old and always used to cry, and then she found the reason for it. The poor baby was crying out of stomach ache, then she consulted a doctor and he gave some kind a tonic to stomach pain. After giving that the baby was calm for longer time and slept well. The best thing you can do is first find out the reason for what made the baby cry and then do the things according to that. I think this is the best way to calm down the crying baby.

    Hope you understood!!

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