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Thread: Name change after marriage..

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    Please Can someone suggest what is the procedure for changing the name of my wife. i am having marriage certificate with me. And any need of her parents in this process,..

    Thanks in advance

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    please go to an advocate for more precise advise or surf the net for it

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    Changing the name on Certificates would be a tough task. But if you want to change the name on any other documents like Bank Account, Drivers Licence PAN Card or Passport, that woul dbe easy (though it will have some expense - like the Fee they take). Get the Change of Name form from concerned authorities and apply for them. For all the other Documents like her School or Graduation certificates, I suggest not to go for a name change. If you want to apply for Job or any other thing which will require her certificates, then you can simply attach a copy of marriage certificate along with the Documents and that will do...... Hope this helps......

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    Well, I agree with whatever has been answered by cooldude23dec. A name is changed after an affidavit to that extent has been submitted before the District Magistrate who certifies that hereinafter this person shall be known as XYZ. You can drop the name of your wife but execute an affidavit to support documents with her surname.

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