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Thread: My wife does not allow me to smooch

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    Question My wife does not allow me to smooch

    I have been married for a month now. My wife does not allow me to smooch her. When I ask her for a reason she says she simply does not like smooching. She is ok with other forms of intimacy but not this. Am i asking too much ? Is it a common behavior or she is a one-off case ?

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    Smile hi

    its probably she had a previous relationship before marriage and while u r kissing it reminds of him maybe. give her some time and explain her ur problem.

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    Thumbs up Open up a women.

    Women generally are not quite open with their feelings. Sometimes there is something bothering them but they do not openly admit. Make sure you always brush your teeth, smell good. Take her to park or some romantic date, she might open up. May be try to watch porn together. Goodluck!

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    Hey infamous,

    i do agree with both rajesh4u and prakash1234 as rajesh has said may be thinking of her previous relationship before marriage, and when ever you ask her for a smooch she thinks of him. But let not this be a reason to break up with her. Please just try to talk to her and get to know the problem she is going through, and as prakash say take her for a evening walk or for a late night diner. she may open up to you and tell you why she is avoiding you for a smooth.

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