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Thread: Can u define marriage?

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    Can u define marriage?

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    yes off course, marriage is a mutual understanding between two individuals that they will take care and love each other unconditionally which is actually very difficult. The understanding also expands itself to mutual respect of each other's faith, occupation, beliefs, parents, friends and family.

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    Marriage is a gamble. You need to have patience to understand each other. Trust is the key of a successful marriage. It just can not move on where doubts linger. Respect, Love and standing for each other when needed are the basic equipments to endure the relation.

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    The topic marriage is everlasting covenant and it can never be explained in few words or sentences. When it comes to marriage it becomes a big burden for the parents when it comes to dowry, there are many true stories which can be shared and every now and then girls get killed and they get torched to get the dowry. I would like to share an article when I still remember this had happened in Bangalore,

    At 1 am on Thursday, neighbours heard her cry for help. Half an hour later, they saw a car leave her house. It was only in the morning that they realized Sowmya was dead.
    The incident happened at ITI Colony in Chandra Layout. Neighbours talk about it in hushed tones, and do not want their name to be dragged into 'unnecessary complications'.

    On May 9, Sowmya Chandra (25) a software engineer, was a happy girl. She thought she had found an ideal partner in Avinash Bhushan (28). A graduate from Malnad Engineering College, Hassan, she worked in Bangalore for the past three years. Three months of marital life, and fate, it seems, had different plans for her.
    In the wee hours of Thursday, Avinash brought Sowmya's body to a private hospital. He claimed that Sowmya had hanged herself while he tried to save her. However, Sowmya's father Chandrashekhar has a different story to tell. He says his daughter was murdered for not bringing Rs 5 lakh and 1 kg of gold, that was demanded by the groom's family.
    High drama prevailed near Avinash's house when Sowmya's family staged a protest alleging foul play.
    According to Avinash, he and his wife had an argument over Sowmya lending some money to her aunt without his knowledge. Sowmya, being a sensitive girl, couldn't take it and tried to hang herself.
    He rushed her to a private hospital, where she died. Sowmya was the eldest daughter of Chandrashekhar, a senior manager with Kaveri Kalpatharu Grameena Bank, Belur. In his complaint, Chandrashekhar has charged that during the marriage Avinash had hidden the fact that he was in a debt trap.
    A month later, Sowmya realized financiers were coming home, demanding debt clearance. For the past one month, Avinash demanded that Sowmya hand over her salary and savings to him, which she refused. Sowmya had also informed her parents about the harassment, he charged.
    "On Thursday, at 2 am, Avinash called me and said Sowmya had hanged herself. He also told me he was taking her to hospital and asked me to rush to Bangalore. When I arrived, I realized that my daughter was no more. Sowmya has not committed suicide, she was murdered by Avinash," Chandrashekhar added.
    Chandra Layout police have arrested Avinash.

    I got this from TOI e-news paper. I still hope I can share.

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