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Thread: Love Making before Marriage

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    Love Making before Marriage

    i had physical relationship with my Ex. It was not real sex but love making. we tried for sex only 1 time and i broke my hymen but dint do sex nor after that. but yeah we had intense physical love making after that. iam in guilt now. i did cos i felt tat we wud definitely get married but he was not loyal. Iam dying of guilt now. what shud i do now(i cant do anything now) but Did i Do wrong??? do tell me your views....

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    Thumbs up Guilt feeling is normal.

    In India we are raised with a notion of sex as a taboo. So whenever it happens for the first time its you feel guilt, it is very natural. Neither of you guys are a bad person, relationships are not perfect just like human beings, so just move on. i am sure there are plenty of nice guys you will come across in life. The only way to move on from previous relationship is to start new relationship somewhere down the line. Goodluck and stay happy.

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