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Thread: help me out from early ejection in sex

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    help me out from early ejection in sex

    Hi I am Raam,married 2years before in the first year i did sex well my wife also satisfied but since last year i am not good in sex because i am out early as just 2 minutes,i am unable to stop more than 2 mints due to this reason my wife was frustrated and got dispute from us.So plz help out me and how to overcome this issue. Plz plz help me.

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    Thumbs up pre mature ejaculation.

    Dear kraamcharan,
    It is perfectly normal for premature ejaculation. Many times pre mature ejaculation is due to lack of good health, sleep and stress. Sex is all about cardio. Eat right, sleep well and run. Get back in shape, either by run or sports of anything you will definitely improve, you can always consult a sexologist. There are medications which help you stay erected for a long while which are completely normal to take, just consult the doctor. Goodluck!

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