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Thread: Nursery admission - Question alongwith answers asked by the school

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    Can anyone tell me the site where I can prepare myself with all the questions & asked by the school at the time of admissions for class nursery. Please help me. i am not able to find the best and good answers of the parents for all the questions asked by the school

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    Hi Suman....
    You need not take any special training for it... If you are well-educated and knowledgable person than you can give appropriate answers for any questions... and its not necessary that the question asked by them are the same or only particular type of questions will be asked...
    so dont worry....

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    You can have a look at the following link for this purpose (simple and useful)


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    You need not prepare for it . . . The question will be very general . . . and surely you will be able to answer that . . .

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    freedom=responsbility. comment?

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    You can go thro this link sumana...


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    MORE THAN 100 ANS IN [url]www.admissionsnursery.com[/url]

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    Below mentioned questions are those which I was asked in an interview on my son’s admission to nursery. Well take a look at those questions.
    • Is your child potty trained?
    • Why do you want to admit your child to this school?
    • What are your aspirations for your child?
    • How do you spend time with your child?
    • What are your child interests?
    • How will you develop the qualities of sharing and caring in the child?
    • What are your Child’s hobbies?
    • How independent is your child?
    • Define successful parenting?
    • How your child interested in studies?
    • CBSE or ICSE Board or IB- How they are different? Which is
    better and why?
    These are some common questions that will be asked by the schools at the time of the interview for your child’s admission. All the best and of course the answers should be framed by your own.

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    If you aren’t that well prepared forget admissions for class nursery. Never stumble upon answers. Both parents as well as the kid need to answer the Qs properly. Otherwise, school won’t take you. Questions may be like this:
    • Tell your name
    • How aged are you?
    • Tell the months that come in a year
    • Tell days of week
    Interview for parents hugely depends upon to find family background. That kid should be having a very good family. In kid’s studies, school people checks whether you can help that particular kid or not

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    Nowadays one gets tensed for children future even at the age of one. For to get enrolled in a good school it has become a tough challenge. Parent are more worried whether their children will be able to sing a rhyme without missing a word. But then there are interview rounds for the parents during the Nursery admission process also. For even they need to prepare for varied questions during the interview phase like:

    • How often you spend time with your child?
    • About your Child’s hobbies?
    • What best your child like more?
    • Define about successful parenting?
    • Detail about your child.
    • Is your child independent by nature?
    • Techniques to tackle child’s tantrums?
    • Anything your child dislike very much?
    • Any special likeness of the child and any reason behind it?

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    I can give you a better set of questions that are normally asked in nursery admission of your child. I think I can do justice for this topic as I have already undergone this phase during the admission of my child. Well, here are some of the commonly asked questions on which you have to prepare.
    • What are the prominent and best qualities of your child?
    • Who will take care of the child’s studies?
    • Did your child go to play school and where?
    • What are the weaknesses of your child?
    • Where do you work and as?
    • Who will take care of child at home?

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