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Thread: Need married women from Pune to understand married women mentality

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    Unhappy Need married women from Pune to understand married women mentality

    Hi There,
    I'm 31, a married man and working in IT industry. I got married 3 yrs back and we do have 1 kid.
    We are happily married but from last couple of months I found that there are few behavior changes in my wife.
    She is always taunting me and connecting me to others girls or women. I dont know how to handle this situation.
    May be she is enjoining that but its irritating me a lot.
    So any married womens from pune or outside can understand this situation and can help me out?


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    Thumbs up Jealousy is a part of relationship.

    Couples in relationship have different issues. Some women want to know how much you love them, by taunting about your female coworkers or friends. You have to explain her, jealous is not healthy in relationship and does not benefit anybody. You have a to be patient in such a situation, may be pull her to the side and ask her why you behaving like this? Do not fight, makes it worst but a healthy conversation can help. If you give more details about your conversation might give you more suggestion. This is very normal in relationship, so relax and try to take things slow and easy. Goodluck!

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