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Thread: Can a girl love two guys at a time... Its complicated love story !!!

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    Post Can a girl love two guys at a time... Its complicated love story !!!

    I m a girl who never wanter to be in love. But when i was in class 2nd i came to know that a guy (SAM) love me who was only 6 months elder to me. ... can any1 believe at that age any 1 can be in love.. i too felt as if its kiddish.. i never took him seriously.. we use to met only for a day or two at some function every year and for the rest of the year.. no contacts..and every time he use to b the same ,i.e in love with me.. n i use to think that none can love like this.. time passes.. when i was in class 10 , for two year we were not at all intouch so i thought he must have forgotten me.. so i didnt mind and moved on.. in class 12 another boy (KHAN) fell for me n was madly in love with me.. at that time i thought SAM must have moved on so i also moved on.. KHAN & I was very happy and was together but suddenly i came to know that SAM still love me.. I started ignoring him.. but he continued to love me despite knowing that i m already in a serious relationship.. Time passed and after 7 yrs i went to Delhi for my job and destiny took me near to SAM and away from KHAN.. after so many years also SAM loves me,this feeling attracted me toward him and everything goes wrong.. i went into a relationship with SAM and though i never wanted to cheat KHAN , i cheated him.. i have feeling for both.. i dont know is it possible to ve feelings for two guys at a point.. but i ve.. now the situation is that both the guy love me badly and i m unable to decide to whom i should choose.. what should i do.. i think both shoul hate me b'coz i messed up everything.. but both love me madly.. n i dont want to hurt any1.. what should i do.. som1 help me plz ..i jst want to say sorry to both..n i wish i could kill myself for all this mess...

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    Unhappy Love triangle waste of time.

    I do not think you cheated anyone, love and feelings are just suppose to let it happen. It is very possible to be in love with two people at same time , some people have hard time finding person they like i guess you are lucky. Now at this point you have to decide one and stick to one. Love triangle is just waste of time and emotions with uncertain future. Do not discuss bfs issues with each other or never compare two bf's, men get pretty jealous quick. Goodluck!

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    Hello jasmin...

    How you doing?? How is your love story is going on? Hope everything is fine.. I would like to suggest you one thing before it leads to some problem for you.. stick one person who is really willing to stick with you for his rest of his life.. can you tell me whom you like most and why ??

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