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Thread: What is meaning of power play?

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    Dose someone tell me about power play? what is it exactly in breif ?

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    In cricket, the powerplay is a set of overs where there are rules to govern the position of fielders.

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    smart adi , thank you for your reply.

    May I ask more detail?

    I think rule change time to time. What is current rule?

    This is only for ODI, am I right?

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    No Sam

    This rules also follow in Twenty20, but some difference between T20 Powerplay and ODI power play ie,

    In 20-20, power play for first 6 overs only and two fielders out site 30-yard circle and must be 2 fields at catching position.

    In One day, Power play dived in three pairs, 1st power play must first ten overs.

    According to new rules, 2nd and 3rd power play for 5 overs each but one power play decided by Batting captain and one decide by Fielding team.

    One Power play, 2nd either 3rd three fielders out site the circle, this is depends on bowling skipper.

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    Rajnesh, thank you for explaining very well.

    Now I m clear.

    Thank you.

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    Hey guys, thanks a lot for sharing about the power play and I need to know something more about the power play. I was watching the match between India and England few days back and I got confused thinking of the rules in power play, are there any changes in the power play? I felt that the rule of the power play has been changed. I really want to know what is happening can anyone tell me about the rules of the power play and are there any changes in the rules of the power play?

    I will be waiting for the reply!!!

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    In cricket, the powerplay is a set of overs where there are rules to cricket association three power play in cricket the position of fielders and bastman

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