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Thread: One-child policy in India

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    Post thesind TRIAL

    money is not a resource. we cant leave with money. we cant eat money.

    in future even if you have unlimited money there will be no food to eat or no fresh air to leave. no resonances to build a civilisation.
    over population is not a problem of family. either poor or rich. it is a problem of world. it is problem of human civilization.

    the forests in India will no longer exist and all natural resources are not at all sufficient to leave.
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    Yes there is no solution other then one child policy.

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    As per my concern, one child policy is the best. If you ask me why it is best, there are so many factors to mention..
    The very first reason would be education. if parent is having one child, they would give it the best education. if there 2 or more children it becomes quite difficult for the parents to provide the best education for all the children. So in this point of view I think one child policy be suitable.. If I am wrong please reply with some good suggestion...

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