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Thread: Education system in India

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    Education in Indian is in very sorry state. Rural areas donot have schools, if they have inefficient teachers are their. Coming to urban areas, here schools are more segmentised, son of a good and finacially strong family go to convent school and, students of middle class go to central goverment school like Kendriya Vidyalaya, Navodaya School. Nothing is left for poor students. Why is this so?

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    the question if not for general public. ask PM of india.

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    Education is the matter which every responsible and intelligent person should think and act about. Education makes the personality of a person, for good or bad. Every important person, like Mahatma Gandhiji,Einstein, has openly opposed the present education system prevalent in the world as oppressive and bad for human spirit. Education is a tool which society can use to bring up children as the best generation. out education system doesnot follow any psychological principles of education, like simple to complex, concrete to abstract etc.
    Education can happen only when children are involved and use their senses in the real world.
    You can read the ideas of people like John Holt to understand how education is being used by people to control others.

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    the question must be raise against the PM of India.
    but one thing is great about education, DISTANCE EDUCATION IN INDIA is getting more popular across the country

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    Hey Celina !

    Good thought, do you have any idea how to promote this idea as well please share your review also here!!

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    [QUOTE=NiteshK;269652]Hey Celina !

    Good thought, do you have any idea how to promote this idea as well please share your review also here!![/QUOTE]

    oh! yes this is important that how this idea should be spread, celina plz share if you have any IDEA!!

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    Education is play an Important role in One Person's Life. According to my knowledge, India has 342 universities, 13 institutes of national importance, 17,000 colleges and 887 polytechnics. Undergraduate course in India has three years' duration time. After Three Years the student get a Bachelor's degree in their subject..

    India's Education System offers distance education to those who cannot join regular schools or colleges. For this Open Schooling offers school education through distance learning. University Education is also offered thorough distance learning. .
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    Hello friends...

    please informed this education related system in India not for general public question. ask this related question about the shiksan mantri of india.

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