Hi all.... i just felt like sharing my problm to someone so that i can feel better and may get some views... i am male 24. im commited to a gal who studied in my class during college.. we both loved vry truly.. the gal is from brahmin family and i am a non brahmin.. in recent time i had few fights with my GF.. also i happend to go to mumbai for 1.5 years.. i recently returned back to my home town.. and things have changed entirely different.. my GF now says that we cant live together.. she is stating the reason of caste and says her parents wont allow.. he told me to forget her.. i dont have a clue of wat happnd.. he told me that she once told her mom dat she loves me.. and her mom made her understand wat all problm she ll face if she marries me.. so she decided to not to luv me.. im in a sitaution dono wat to do.. can i get her back??