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Thread: how can i make her understand that how much i love her

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    Unhappy how can i make her understand that how much i love her

    Hello everyone...

    I have ditched on my girlfriend. ..she used to love me alot and i used to fight with her..

    I made her cry so many times...bcz her parents were taking too much time to arrange our marrige..

    Last year in oct 2012 i got attrcted by a diferent girl and got engaged with her...though my girl didn't know about this new girl and i went to nainital with the new girl...

    When my girlfriend got to know about the crime i did...she cried alot...

    And i only forced her to break off bcz at that time i used to think that we cant live together..

    Now in jan 2013 i realized that what blunder have i done..and i tried to reach my love she has moved on...and has discussed everything with her parents now i am guilty. ..and have realized that she was the only one whom i wanted to marry. ..

    I have apologized so many time...cried alot...now she says she doesnt love me....

    Can we forget our love...sorry i forgot to mention that it was a 5 years old relationship...

    Please suggest something..what should i do....

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    Thumbs up Patch on relationship

    Well send her some flowers. Tell her you still lover her. Get in touch with mutual friends. Life is too short to be with a unhappy person. Patch on the relationship and move on


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    you have ditched two women ..

    yours is not a love just finding a better one..
    Ex was in ur life n u liked her..when u both faced some probs u left her n got attracted and engaged to another lady.. ur will is weak..
    life gives you crap many times.. if u could not handle a simple disturbance in ur life how can she trust you for rest of her life...

    i do feel that, now u have issues with current gf so u have realized that previous one is better than present one.. so u want her..

    you first gf moved on.. let her be like that dont disturb her..
    you have broken her trust on you, by engaging with another lady..

    move on with you life.. and let her live her life

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