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Thread: my sis in law

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    my sis in law


    I have a sister in law who is 27 year old now, unmarried and she stays with my inlaws at their native. At the time of my marriage , she was 24 year old and i 23 year old. She had epilepsy in her childhood and was a spoilt brat even at her 24 year old , she behaved like a child, wont do any household , keeps watching serials and movies . my inlaws now also consider her as a smaill child. I had always fought with my hubby to have a separate house cos I didnt like her behaviour.So we shifted our house and they moved to their native.

    1. She is 27 year old now , turning 28 this coming october , unmarried at native.
    2. She is not educated because of epilepsy in childhood , don't know even if she completed her 10th
    3. My inlaws are looking for high profile grroms for her though she is uneducated and unemployed , they find some fault or the other for all the groonms telling ' he is dark , he is short , he looks old ' and stuff
    4. Now my mother in law says her daughter will somehow live even if they die

    Now my concern : I just hate my sister in law , her talks , her attitude and childlike nakhras. I had asked mu hubby to talk to her regarding her marriage , thinking of her low profile. But she doesnt seem to understand. She always says she cant do work cos she has headache,back pain, eye pain and what not, but eats well to the core .

    I had a love marriage , as opposed to my parents decsison. My parents saw my hubbys sister as liablity and they didint allow me for this marriage. But I convinced them somehow and our marriage happened.Looking at the current scenario, I dont think my inlaws would get her married ever ...They don't advise her or correct her whenever she does something wrong .

    I always fight with mu hubby to get her married asap or else she would be a liability for us in the future.

    My parents and relatives always criticises me for the decision I took , whenever they see my sister in law.

    What should I do ? I have told many times to my inlwas that their daughter;s life is gonna becaome tragedy if she is unmarried, but they are bindass, watches serials and cinemas . enjoying there telling that their daugher couldn't find a suitable match till now

    Tell me what should I do ? I am scared thinking about our future with my sis in law as a burden.

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    Thumbs up Are you being selfish or overreacting?

    You chose a person to marry. You knew his background. Let them take the decisions of their life. Do not be so controlling and judgemental about other peoples life. Imagine she has issues right now of not working, is someone going to be happy by marrying such kinda women? Don't you think you are being selfish by trying to get rid of her from your home? Now if she gets married or stays single for life, why does it bother you so much? Wonder why women are so much depressed in india? Never let them take decisions on their own. If she thinks she is not ready for marriage or she is a horrible person at household chores, let her be single. Remember you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.


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    dear dedicated,

    Prakash is right..
    n also
    u know ur SIL is suffering from epilepsy, how could you forget that every parent love their kids and show more love towards spl need kids. nothing wrong in it.. coming to house hold job.. its not ur job to say if she do or not . now ur living separately tc of ur family..

    coming to marriage.. who r u to decide to whom she marry.. if she is a epilepsy and not educated dosnt she deserve an educated, handsome and rich hubby.. every human deserves to choose according to their interest.
    i know it is tough piratically in indian society but that dosnot mean she wont get one..
    ur inlaws might b thinking of getting a gud guy coz they feel her daughter is as normal as everyone other girl, nothing wrong in it..

    look after you work and dont think about ur SIL... ur MILs will look after ur SIL future.. every family will have responsibilities. u can not run away from them in indian society.. so accept it and stay cool and happy with ur loving H in a separate house

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