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Thread: Love failure hurts lot

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    Love failure hurts lot

    Dear friends i m loving a girl from 4 years very much than my life,,,,,,,, i had many drems about my life,,,,,,, but i recently proposed her recently i mean 2 month ago,,,,,,i know its too late proposal,,,,,,,but she told she is in relationship with a boy from our college only,,,,,,i was not knowing this,,,after rejecting my proposal she told shee wnt my friendship,,,,,but she knows i m totally depressed,,,,she now has stopped talking to me,,,but now i m not able to forget her and concentrate on studies even if i try to get self motivated,,,,,,,,i cant get even get out of thinking about her for a moment,,,,,,,, dont know what do to,,,,,, can i get some very good suggestions here

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    Thumbs up You have 10 bf's, can i be the 11?

    Dear kuresh,
    If a women says she has a bf, but she will let you be a friend, thats a good sign. Which means if she breaks up with the bf, you will be the next person she will go for. Stay as a friend, treat her nice. Do not show too much emotions to her since you are just a friend. At the same time make sure she is not playing that love triangle which does not benefit anybody. There is no reason to depress. Women like men who are happy and smiling even if it is fake. So stay calm, stay motivated. So can be close to her, try to be smooth to her and at the same time keep looking for other girls as well. Whoever says yes its yours, rest of the girls who cares.


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    if it is male?

    Even I was depressed. We are working in same office. He used to sit next to me. He used to avoid me n talk to all other girls.

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