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Thread: Need serious advice...

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    Need serious advice...

    Before anyone replies,I am in need of serious advice***

    I am a 24 year old guy and I have never had a past. I have fallen in love with a good friend of mine and after our regular family meets,all are asking us to marry.However,I don't have much experience with girls and here are the issues in between :

    1) The girl is an extrovert and I am a calm,composed and an ambivert person though we gel along well.
    2) She herself has told that she's had 1 relationship and kissed 3 guys,but I have come to know through her friends that there is something beyond this. (This shows she is secretive.Should I consider this not being truthful as I did expect her to tell me everything ? Does this show that she may cheat in future ?)
    3) She has too many guy friends and she agrees that in general she's more compatible with boys than girls.Though not a red flag,I think this needs to be in its limits. My insecurity is when I am on business trips,I am finding it difficult to trust her completely as she's once kissed a guy only after 3 days of interaction.
    4) She's confessed her love to me and has told me that she loves me madly and will stay loyal and stuff.But,I know that she is also capable of faking things and I am a bit gullible.(Though I am confident for the most part that she is not faking it)
    5) After our first kiss and something beyond,I became attached to her while she was pretty casual about it and said that come on,it was just a kiss.I have heard girls become emotional after getting physical ?

    The good things : We have a good compatibility,chemistry and she adds spice to my life as she is a very energetic and lively person.She regrets everything of the past and is ready commit to me entirely for life(atleast she says so)

    About me : I am a self made entrepreneur and never had enough time to fall into these things and have been single all my life. I just don't want to lose this girl but there are some red flags.

    Please advice!

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    she dumped old boys ..bcoz they dont have money

    she want ur money now..

    but u also love her .. so take risk 50 - 50

    always keep ur motto this " believe a snake not a girl"

    u just njoy ur life .. every girl in this world is not faithfull ...all r hardcore bit*es from childhood ... so dont expect urs to be

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    You answered the question yourself, “you do not trust her”.
    In the event you did enter into a marriage, your still going to have the same problems. Sometimes its safer to walk away. I'm sure you will come across a women with great personality, without any of the aspects you find to be negitive.

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    ... you have the answer to your Q..
    Relationship builds on trust..
    you do not trust this lady
    do not get into relationship without trust..

    coming to your positive note.. : she is the first lady in ir life so ur feeling energetic and colorful and you are young its just chemical and biological stuff made u close.. there is no love between you.. love form trust ,forgiveness and compromise from heart. which u do not have.. move on and look for another girl..

    if u marry this women ur insecurity will mess up two lives..

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