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Thread: "Importance of Being Earnest" classic book for love bugs

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    For love bugs and to those who prepare alot while they go for proposing a girl, I find a play, a classic play, Oscar Wilde's " Importance of Being Earnest" suitable.

    There is a dialogue where a man proposes a girl. The copy of the dialogue would be very helpful and come handy while going to propose a girl.

    Read it, memorise it and then in one go propose a girl.

    Have you read any such books - a classic in literature and at the same time helpful for us.

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    Dear kinkini,

    I have read the classic book Oscar Wilde's " Importance of Being Earnest".

    Every character is funny at the same time the readers finds themselves involved in the book.

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    Nice book

    Every character is funny in "The Importance of being Earnest" which is trivial comedy for serious people written by Oscar Wilde. Two characters Earnest Worthing and John Worthing are played by only one persons is fantastic. When I started to read this book I lost my self in this story I felt like I am one of the character in this story.
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