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Thread: wife affair before marriage

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    wife affair before marriage

    my wife had an affair just before our engagement
    ours is an arrange marriage

    i came to know that she is in contact with him till some days before our engagement and she wants to have contact with him even after our engagement but that boy refused

    also she had contacted him sometime after engagement
    she also keep gifts given by him after our marriage and also i caught her seeing pics of him on fb

    now its becoming very hard for me to forgive her and i had doubts that she still thinks of him

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    Dear Deepak,
    In today's world everybody has a past, some kinda relationship. You seem to be very understanding person. At this point you have to spend sometime with your future wife. You have to make her understand that she is marrying someone. She is going to be better half of somebody. If she keep bring back her ex bf after getting married it is going to be horribly painful and not good for you guys. If she wants to keep in touch with him in after you guys getting engaged it is wrong. Boy is right, once you are engaged or married you are of someone else, leave them alone. See if your wife likes you or if she does not do not waste on marrying someone do not like or someone who has not moved on from previous relationship, it is just going to hurt you in future life. If you want you can postpone the marriage a bit, give her more time to comeback of previous relationship. But she has to completely cutt off ties once she is married. Communication is key. Take her out on lunch or dinner see how things go. Goodluck.

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    I agree with prakash..
    i do not know what her position is, but from you words i could see that neither she forgot him nor she accepted you..
    it will take sometime to comeout of past.. so give her sometime.. postpone marriage if u really need her in life..
    show ur love and affection to her turn her to you make her realize that you r her future and will take care of her in every moment of your life...

    she should accept you before you proceed with the marriage.. better late than never, so talk to her about your relationship as a nice loving n caring friend.
    know n understand about her thoughts and feelings and act accordingly..

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