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Thread: This girl needs urgent help

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    This girl needs urgent help

    My friend and her relatives and friends from New Delhi are receiving threatening, abusive calls for an attempted false credit card recovery from Mahesh Tripathi (Kotak Bank’s employee) from following numbers including remarks against her religion:


    This is not the way to degrade people publically and damage their reputation. people please please help me!

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    Threatening calls

    Hi Rakhi

    Go to Kotak Mahindra website and lodge a formal complaint on line giving full details.
    Also call delhi police anti stalking cell and can also dial.
    Next time the person calls, record the conversation and be very polite but firm in your statement.This can be a very vaulable proof in nailing such a person.
    You can also write to
    LG Delhi on e-mail: ltgov@nic.in

    CM Delhi on e-mail: cmdelhi@nic.in

    Also go on to the Delhi police webite and can also lodge a complaint with the authorities.
    also open your face book account if you have one and type Delhi police, also wrtie a complaint on the fcebook giving all details of the person.

    You use all the above immediately in one go and I am sure the person will no more bother you.

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