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Thread: Live-in relationship problem

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    I am a 26 year old female committed to someone for 4 years. I fully trusted him and was planning to marry him at the earliest. But his family is completely against this and has been opposing . We tried convincing them but no result. Meanwhile I moved to his work town as we were posted in different locations earlier. Since I moved , we are living together past 3 months. The house rent was made in his name and everyone in our neighbourhood thinks we are a couple. Our families did not know this but we disclosed this to them as the last resort. Inspite of this his family is not agreeing. He does not want to hurt his parents as his father had a heart problem fighting over this issue. Neither can I leave him as everyone knows now and my life is spoiled. I am an orphan and no one to speak on my behalf to them. Is there anything I could do through the police or court of law for this??

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    jhillmill, what is the reason that his family is opposing your marriage? What about him? He wants to marry with you? You can get marry through court but as you are saying that his father is having heart problem than he might not be ready for that. Because it can give shock to him. Now you have the only way is try to convince his family. Have faith in God, everything will be all right..

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    Hi jhillmill, after reading your story I think that even living together will be problematic situation to you in future, because he is very much worried about his family. In future he may think what if my parents get to know about me and her and thinks like that, and I think you have two ways to solve this problem. One you have to talk to him and please his family for your marriage or you need to look for someone else who is ready to hold your hands for rest of your life. Think your way out from the trap your trapped in.

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