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Thread: Permanent Eyebrows

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    I just wanted to ask if someone has gotten permanent makeup done. My eyebrows are not in a right shape so I want to get permanent eyebrows!!!
    If anyone does have them done, is it safe and is it worth the money and the chance????

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    try to use some other ways like eye-brow threading.
    until your eyebrows got in shape, you can use eyebrow pencil,
    gather some other information about a permanent makeup before getting it done.

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    I have it done twice and just love it...
    but good to know:
    its painful while its done
    chose a good proffesinal,,,,remember its permanent!
    insist on using good inks
    be sure the neddle is first time use and its for u only
    insist that the artist draw in first, so u know what u will look like
    the color will fade but not compeltly in time so u have do it again and again
    chose the right color for u

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