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Thread: Problem with mother in law and husband

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    Problem with mother in law and husband

    am new to this site..i want solution for my problem

    my mother in law always compares with me from saress to gold every thing if she get angry she shows on me and my husband always supports her.....not only this my husband don't get salary

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    Traditional Indian problem!!

    Quick fix - 1. Get divorce.

    Longer solution - Talk to your husband and let him know your views. If he understands - fair enough. If he doesn't, and continues the way he is, you have two options - suffer silently else refer to quick fix. Choose the one that suits you best.

    As far as salary is concerned, isn't he employed? Why on earth did he marry then? You haven't stated how cordial your relationship is with your hubby, however, you can always encourage him to get a job, and you too can consider working. That will have 2 major benefits - 1. Earn money for your family and more importantly 2. Keep you away from your mom-in-law and her tantrums.

    All the best.

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