About Us

SukhDukh.com is a modern day chaupal or e-chaupal as it is called in IT lexicon. Like the traditional chaupal, SukhDukh.com is a forum where people can mingle, gossip, share their joys and sorrows, and indulge in intellectually stimulating discussions. We believe that in the present era where everybody is in a mad rat race, and no one has time for anyone else, we do need a podium to communicate with others.

We at SukhDukh.com intend to provide a platform for people to:
1 share their experiences
2 give their views and opinions on variety of topics,
3 hold constructive discussions with likeminded people on different subjects, and
4 ask queries relating to the concerned topics.

In a nutshell, SukhDukh.com intends to become an extended family of netizens, where everyone can express himself/herself freely with the knowledge that there are people listening to him / her.

Ever rising membership, frank and open discussions across varied sections point to the fact that SukhDukh has been a huge success in its endeavor to bring people together at a single platform. Buoyed by this success, we have added a new member to SukhDukh family- fundootimes.com, which aims at tickling your funny bone and sharing the warmth of life. Come, let's smile together at fundootimes.com!