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Thread: How to find job in UK????

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    Mar 2009
    Hello i am Bibhuti from delhi.i would like to know hw to proceed if i want to work in UK.Is there any one who can help me with his/ her honest suggestions..please advice me as i am clueless

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    It's a little difficult to find a job overseas. Finding a job in countries like UK and Australia is not an easy task for an Indian. But don't lose hope, if you are committed to your goal, you'll find the success soon live example is steal tycoon-Laxmi Mittal. It'll be good if any of your relative is living in UK, who can help you.

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    Apr 2009
    Hi Friends,
    I am looking for someone to guide me properly for me.
    I am in India and i havedoen my graduation in computer science(B.C.A) from University of M.D.S.
    I am searching for jobs in UK Is it so tough to find job London. I am searching from 2months. I am really frustated and looking a guidance from someone who can really guid me.
    plz....help me plz...

    Please email your advise to me .

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    Apr 2009
    Dear nandkishor & BibhutiSrivastava,
    There are a couple of ways to move to the UK.
    Working Holiday Makers Visa
    Tier 1 General Visa
    Work Permit

    For the Work Permit, you will need to find an employer who can sponsor your visa. Given the current economic scenario, that might be a little difficult job to do.
    Tier 1 General Visa is a points based system, where in you have to earn atleast 75 points to be eligible to apply for the visa. You can gain points under
    Past UK Experience
    Past Earnings
    This is a kind of visa where in you can apply for the visa, go to UK, and then search for jobs. If you stay in UK for 5 years on this visa, then you will be eligible for PR (permanent Residency). You do not have any kind of restrictions on whom you can work for or how long. It would be like an Indian working in a company in India.

    Hope that helps

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    Jan 2010

    My husband is working in UK on Tier2 visa. I came here on dependent visa . I have over 3.6 yrs of experience in software testing. I am getting frustration searching for a job in UK. I am applying for the jobs but I am not receiving even a single interview call. Please advise me how to proceed further. your suggestions are very valuable to me.

    Kindly send your suggestions to [email]g.r.sagar@gmail.com[/email]

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