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Thread: Diabetes complications and home remedies for diabetes

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    Diabetes, in itself is a disease that requires continuous monitoring and control by the diabetic person. However, it is important to know the various complications that can set in with diabetes.

    Diabetes Complications

    1. Hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis)
    2. Heart problems
    3. Eye problems
    4. Blindness
    5. kidney problems
    6. Nerve problems

    Natural Home Remedies for Diabetes

    Following are some of the effective home remedies for diabetes:

    Boil 15 fresh mango leaves in one glass of water. Leave overnight. Filter this water and drink this the first thing in the morning.
    Mix half teaspoon o ground bay leaf and half a teaspoon of turmeric in one tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Have this mixture twice a day before lunch and dinner.
    Drink a watery juice of small bitter gourd without seeds every morning.
    Add 3 table spoon of cinnamon to 1 litre of boiling water. Simmer for 20 minutes in a low flame and then strain the mixture. Have this daily.
    Eat tender curry leaves twice a day to reduce sugar.

    Crush about four to five bitter gourds (karela) and strain the juice through a fine cloth. Take this juice on an empty stomach.
    The inner bark of Jamun tree (Indian berry) is also very useful for diabetes. Dry the bark and burn it. This will produce an ash of white color. This ash should be pestled in the mortar, strained and bottled. Take 15 grams of this ash with water, on an empty stomach in the morning.
    Juice of tender mango leaves taken every morning helps in controlling diabetes.

    Diabetes Advice
    It is good to lose weight as it keeps diabetes under control.
    Food rich in fiber must be consumed.
    A lot of water (about 8-10glasses) must be had everyday.
    Refrain from soft drinks, alcohol and sugary desserts.
    Wear proper footwear and avoid walking bear foot.
    Increase the intake of raw food as it stimulates the pancreas and increases insulin production.

    Avoid fried or sugar rich food.
    Avoid starchy food like rice, potatoes etc.

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    thankyou for guiding with such nice remedies. well it is not in curable and what matters most is you remain busy as far as possible.

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    Eat roti (chapati) insted of rice try this remedies for 30 days, measure your blood sugar before starting this and then measure after 30 days.... feel the difference and you can also have Bitter Melon it is good for lowering blood sugar.

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