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Thread: Stealing behaviour in teenagers

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    My son steals money from me for petty reasons. I caught him red handed many times. I find there is no reason to steal. What shall I do?

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    thrash him badly next time u catch him red handed. he wud definitely shed the habit.

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    Hi Celina,

    Stealing In School Going kids is not a rare phenomenon. Many parents complain of their child stealing a thing or two every now and then. You might observe a new pencil, eraser, ruler, hair bands etc every now and then.Interestingly, many kids steal unconsciously. They take belonging of others thinking as if they own it. While few others do it consciously. This can be a dangerous habit if not curbed immediately. There are number of reasons why a child indulges in stealing. It could be peer pressure or low self esteem or plain Jealousy..
    They find something appealing but they also know it is not theirs. So they just steal it. Jealously refers to attractive things that are owned by classmates or friends. It could be a lunch box or pen or pencil or anything. The desire is so strong that child just steals things.

    One of the lesser known reasons is feeling of anger or revenge driving kids to steal. If someone stronger has upset them they indulge in stealing as their way of revenge. Peer Pressure is another common reason. The need to fit in the group is so strong that they steal someone elseís things and proclaiming it as theirs.Some kids steal because it gives them a thrill a superior feeling when they get away with it

    It is important to curb it as early as possible,talk to your son ans tell him you are aware of his habit.. Ask him why he does it?

    Tell your son about the grave consequences of stealing.

    Tell him there is no dignity in stealing and that he should work hard to achieve things in life.

    Donít make the mistake of fulfilling all the wished of your children as it would be difficult to accept a NO from you in future.

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