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Thread: Is it illegal to have extra-marital affairs in India?

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    Having an extra marital affair is of course a crime, but whatís the use still person donít realize that it is a crime and they enjoy doing it. I wonder what could be the punishment for the ones who are in extra marital affairs. Most of the life of women is a disaster due to this; the children are being punished for the faults of their parents. In this case children are been affected so much than the couples. Divorce is not a solution to all problems in the marital life; it is your fault to give maximum liberty to your husband. There is a limit for everything, even for patience. First stop believing what people say, I am sure you have a great courage and confidence in taking decisions of your life.

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    If you want to keep an extra marital afair that means u dislike or disagree yr spouse already and if its so why u want to know the legality of it, just be honest to yr spouse and yr new love it will be better for all

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