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Thread: Looking for stay in Vancouver

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    H i there....

    I am a student from India and going to Vancouver, canada for my advanced studies. Kindly help me out to find a place to stay near Burrard street, Vancouver, Canada.

    Thanks a lot..

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    Hi there,

    Vancouver is a great place and has a considerable indian population..Since you mention that you are going there for advance studies its better to look for apartments..Burrard st is in downtown vancouver so rentals might be a little higher than other residential areas..

    [url]http://apartmentguide.ca/[/url].. This link will help you although you'll be able to decide on anything only after reaching there..

    Till you find an apartment maybe you can stay with any friend or colleague or in any bed and breakfast inns there..
    This link is also helpful..

    Do visit the butchart gardens while you are there.. They are amazing..

    All the best..

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