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Thread: Madonna To Adopt Malawian Kid Chifundo Mercy James

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    It's legally required 18 months of residency to adopt a child in Malawi. Madonna donated some money to Malawian orphanage and it helped her to be declared a "resident" of the country by a court.
    Three-judge panel said that the court must think about Madonna's financial support for Malawian orphanages while understanding the residency rule.
    Undule Mwakasungura, chairman of the Human Rights Consultative Committee, said it was surprising that court allowed her to consider a resident of Malawi. It means that anyone can come here (Malawi) and after giving money to orphanage they'll say that they want 2-3 children.
    Approximately 560,000 Malawian children have already lost one of their parents due to AIDS epidemic. Many Malawians are objecting to the concept that these children will get benefit if they were sent overseas to richer families. If poverty is the reason for adoption, I think almost whole country could be adopted.
    Finally Madonna has won the case and allowed to adopt Chifundo Mercy James.
    Is it really her wealth buying an exemption from the law?

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    Nice article Raghav, for Chifundo Mercy James it's a good news that her new mom is Madonna, but yes, after this incident many people can adopt a Malavian baby by giving some dollars as bribe. Chifundo got mercy by the supreme court on the basis that residence in modern day world can be anywhere and someone can have more than one residence. But I don't think it's a solid excuse to allow her to adopt a child. Because if it's a rule then it should be applicable to all.

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