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Thread: How do you teach your teenager time management

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    My 16 year old boy is a student of commerce stream. Most of his time he spends on playing outside and watching TV. I want to teach that time is so costly he should not waste it. can anybody tell me how I talk to him about it?

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    Teenage or adolescence is the troublesome period of a boy or girl. This is the age which the adolescent can understand the physical changes that occur during this period. Children are inquisitive by nature. But when he/she reaches teenage his/her inquisitiveness veer to sex.
    He/she watches TV, comes across many scenes. Now they want to discuss about that scenes. So they like the company of friends. He goes for play so as to talk openly with friends. And you play second fiddle on this matter.
    We can manage him/her, if we understand ourselves and trying to understand their feeling too. Try these.
    Be a good friend of your child. Both father and mother have same role in this matter.
    We usually ask him/her to read and learn, but fail to ask what he learnt. Instead of asking him/her to read, ask what he/she has learned.
    Talk about your own school days. But hear his/her experiences at school.
    You must send your child for playing before he asks for it. When he/she comes back from ground, hear his experiences in the ground. Here, you can applaud, guide or chide him/her occasionally, but friendly.
    Make sure the child learns for Higher studies is really opted the subject that she/he likes or not. If the child is taken the subject because of your pressure, not of his interest, you can't create interest in studies of that subject. Hence let the child opt the subjects according to his/her own interest and dreams.
    The child would rather fulfill his own dream than your. So talk about his/her future so that she/he may dream about his/her future.
    When you will be able to create a goal in his/her mind, inspire him/he to fulfill that one. Good luck. [email]cherian.waris@gmail.com[/email]

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    Hi Vinny,
    I think cherian's is very right. I agree with him totally. We as parents are also helpless as we feel the hold we have on our child is slipping away and we have nothing to hold on too so we keep picking on them. The age they are in can cause conflicting feelings in them and however close or friendly you are they find comfort only among friends.. Don't be too harsh on him instead take him into confidence and explain that what he's doing is okay with you but he also needs to study and take up a career..Encourage him to talk about his plans for future and pay attention to everything he says. He can take the advice of his friends too... approve that otherwise it will just push him farther from home...

    Let him look forward to coming home after his time outside...
    Once the environment at home is conducive he'll appreciate things.


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