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Thread: How can we pay back our parentís love, care and affection?

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    There are Millions of people spending their life as NRIís, away from their homes. They all have one common issue, both who has moved back to India and those who are still living abroad. They all have a concern of how to care for their parents and loved ones back in India while they are living abroad.

    Please join me in this initiative and help connect with as many people who might require these services as you can.

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    Hi kkhush

    A very good and caring initiative of yours. A lot of people of our generation are in the same boat. Many who are settled abroad cannot adjust to coming back snd living in India and their parents can't live abroad.

    Even people living and working in India have their own challenges, parents not willing to move with them or some personal issues, incompatibility..etc,,,,

    People are so busy with their professional and personal committments its getting harder and harder to spend time with family...

    Parents are not expecting anything in return for all their sacrifices or what they have given us except love and afeection and importance..

    So whether you are in town, away or abroad take 5 min in your day to talk to your parents about mundane things and ask them for advice even if you are not going to heed it. Makes them feel important and loved...

    Take out time to make a trip to visit them for a festival or a holiday...

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    I am Gaurav Khurana and I would like to share a wonderful experience from my life. I belong to Bhopal, India and went to Perth, Australia for my company's project which was scheduled for 6 months and I am the only source of income for my family. My dad is a heart patient and he needs severe attention all the time so after coming to Australia there was no one left in my family to take care of my parents. I was in stress for a month and had sleepless nights which was disturbing my work also I thought of leaving the project and job at that time.
    Things were not going right for me and my family, I wasn't able to concentrate on my work but on one day I got to know about Midson Care from these forums and I got solution to my all problems. They provided care to my family and helped them get each work done with ease and without any effort.I really want to thank them for their services and want some more companies should come up with these kind of services.If some one wants to learn more about them they can visit their website at [url]www.midsoncare.com[/url].

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