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Thread: Do mothers have favorites among their kids?

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    I think every child is equal for a mother. But do you think that mothers have favorites among their kids?

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    Certainly favouritism is possible as one child might be obedient and comply with what parents want, but it doesn't mean they love one child more than the other. As we become adults due a varied number of reasons/ circumstances its quite possible for parents to favor one child for another.. These days you can see a number of parents shunning their not so well to do kids and being proud of the accomplished ones...

    But Ideally it should be non judgemental... They are both your kids ,, so love them for it....

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    It is human nature to be biased.
    In some cases it is more evident while in some its not so it totally depend on the mom.. how she handles it and after all everywhere its a give and take relation. Treat others the way you want to be treated

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    I say yes, parents are being partial……
    Especially if they have 3-4 children, with no doubt there will be one favorite among them, actually this is common bias followed by most of our mothers.

    Activities like showing partial for one kid when there are other children who wr brought up together must be vanished completely. This play doesn’t match for happy family and hurting revealed from it is very severe & incurable, this also tends a child to lose all its hope, freedom, confidence etc and etc.

    If there are parents remaining with this intuition, kindly go attend relevant workshops and counseling to generate happy family ahead!!!!

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    Mothers are favourite

    Its an Human nature as mothers are all time favourites among the kids as they can easily develop good friendly atmosphere and are linient most of the time as compared to father.

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    Hi all,

    Mother – only being in the world to share everything among the kids in the family. But the favoritism remains. It may be because that a child is the eldest or the youngest in the family. And they may be weak or strong in their knowledge. We cannot find the exact reason for that also.

    At some instance, one is good and another may not. No love is greater than mom’s love. But we should not assume that, one child is the mom’s favorite and another one is not. This may cause rivalry among children.

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