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Thread: Hanging Out with Best Friend

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    my mom doesnt want me to hang out with my best friend, what should i do?

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    It sounds like ur mom is protecting you. She wants to make sure her little girl isn't going to go out and get drunk,join a gang, do drugs...etc... You should respect your mom's rules as long as you're living in her house. I had listened to my mom more. When you grow up you realise that there was a lot of wisdom in those annoying rules.

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    Why is your mom reluctant?

    Is there anything about your friend's nature she dislikes or is she afraid of some quality in her..

    Your mother although it might look as if she is being very unreasonable must definitely know what's right for you ... and that might be totally different from what seems right to you..

    I don't see an harm in your hanging out with your friend but make sure you know your limits and convince your mom you can take care of yourself and ask her to trust you..

    Inform her on your whereabouts and don't get annoyed if she is verifying.. remember she has your best interests in mind..


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