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Thread: freedom and teenagers

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    my mums a really nice person but recently she's become really protective off me she won't let me go see my friends (my friends are all good, they never get in trouble and they're really smart) and my mum and i came to an agreement a few months ago which was if i dont go out for a month then she would let me go out to watch a movie with my friends and would let me go see a friend for the day but she told me i can't go to either of them. Which totally sucks because my friend brought heaps of stuff for us to do when i go around to her place and i feel really bad because mum always seems to cancel my plans. what's a nice of of saying i need space and i need to spend time with kids my own age instead of being locked up in my room all day with nothing to do. it's really affecting my mood i feel so trapped at home and it's making me depressed.

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    Every parent has a preconceived notion that the world in which they have brought their children into is Big and Bad. So, it is only natural for them to want to defend and protect their children from any conceivable harm that is even remotely possible.

    Your Mom is being over protective of you because you are at an age where the mind is very confused and you also have to contend with physical and psychological changes, pressures from parents, peers and the society and increased expectations from everyone and this may steer you in the wrong direction..

    Having teenagers who seem to have endless opportunities and who appear ungrateful can stir a lot of emotion in parents. Also, she may be yearning for a calmer period in her life where she still sees you as a younger kid and who was obedient.. You might question about the fact that she also would have gone thro these when she was a teenager..

    Tell your mom that you would like to spend more time with your friends and doing things of your interest but you also need her. Talk to her about needing your space and assure her that you are on the right track..Does she have any misgivings about your friend..?

    Seek her support, guidance and encouragement. Get her involved in your plans for future..This will help her understand your need for space.. and appreciate it..

    Good luck..

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