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Thread: Foreign Language Course From JNU

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    I want to know abt the foreign language courses which are provided by JNU. What is the procedure to get admission in JNU?

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    Hello Avantika...........

    School of Languages , Literature and Culture Studies
    New Mehrauli Road
    New Delhi 110067
    Ph- 26162348, 26717500

    In major modern European languages French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Arabic-the school offers under graduate, post-gratuate and research programmes focussing on languages, Literatures, translation, interpretation and culture studies.There are post graduate and research programmes in English, in Lingustics, in Hindi and in Urdu and research fecilities in Semiotics. The school also organises Certificate and Diploma programmes in some foreign languages such as Italian, Mongoiian, Portuguese, Bhasa Indoneasia, Pushtu and Urdu. It is the only school in the country that offers a B.A. programme in Korean language.

    For More info visit this link: [url]http://www.jnu.ac.in/main.asp?sendval=Prospectus#sllcs[/url]

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    Jawaharlal Nehru University is considered as primary institution and it is the school of Arts and Aesthetics. This University is located in Delhi. This college offers facilities like guest house facility, Disability support, Medical facilities, Convention center, sports etc. To be qualified for the admission in this University you are supposed to take up an entrance examination and as per the results the admissions will be distributed. They offer various courses like;
    • Special Centre for Nano Sciences
    • School of Language Literature and Culture Studies
    • School of Biotechnology
    • Special Centre for Molecular Medicine
    • School of Computational and Integrative Sciences
    • School of Social Sciences
    • School of Environmental Sciences
    • School of life science
    • Centre for the Study of Law and Governance

    Foreign languages such as Japanese, Spanish, French, Persian, German, Chinese, Russian etc. And other activities such as Translation, Literatures, cultural studies and interpretation coaching is provided there.

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    Jawaharlal Nehru University or JNU

    As according to Jawaharlal Nehru University or JNU, studying B.A (H) isn't that hard. You can also study MA Program once you are eligible after BA Hons completion. For BA, you need to 10+2 completion with 45% marks. On 1st of October, you must be 17 years old. For more information, visit:
    • http://goo.gl/S5TmA
    B.A. Hons is given in French, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Modern Arabic, Japanese, Persian, etc languages. Over there, one stationary shop is at library back side. Buy book that contains 10 years sample papers. With this book, you can crack questions.

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    There is much opportunity in Foreign language courses in Jawaharlal Nehru University of Delhi. It is termed to be the best in providing higher education. Today JNU stands to be a reputed name among all Indian institutions. You have the privilege to take multi-linguistic paper here. Here you can chose to take foreign languages like Russian, German, French, Chinese, Persian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic.

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    If you are planning to do a course in foreign language then JNU is a best choice. For a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages you need to clear 10+2 with minimum marks of 45% and should also clear the entrance exam by JNU. The foreign languages taught at JNU are Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, German, Persian, Arabic and Spanish. With this bachelor’s degree you can even enroll yourself for the Masters in the respective language.

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