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Thread: Should parents stay together for the kids sake?

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    I have two children, my son is 12 and my daughter is 17 year old. I don't want to live with my husband. He's a big drunker. Often he comes late at nights and make quarrel with me. also beat up my children. I stayed with hubby up until now, because I wanted the kids with me ALL the time.
    I cannot stand my hubby - that's the truth. He has been horrible to me on and off for years!! I only care about my kids and want to do the best for them, that's all.
    I want to seek suggestions from you, is it time to get divorce? Should I continue this relationship just for the sake of my children?

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    Having read your problem.. I don't think you need to stay together for your kids sake.. kids these days are pretty smart and they would have already analysed the issue and I am sure if you ask them for their opinion they'll agree that it is better for all concerned if you go your separate ways...

    There is no way better than talking to them openly and making them understand...Take custody of them .. let it be a mutual decision so you don't have to go thro custody battles..

    Good Luck and don't feel guilty...

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    Before you go for divorce, I would advise you to for counselling along with your husband. Maybe he can join a rehab for drinking issue. Also, threaten him that you would leave him if he does not listens to you. Take to a marriage threapy person before you take any drastic steps.

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