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Thread: Child Care

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    Children born for what? Violence and torture against children is a fact to which we are witnesses, even if we do not want. I have seen children beaten, made to beg, crippled or abandoned by parents. If you want to be a parent but you do not have security for the future of your child, then I think you should to think twice before you give life to an innocent beings. Child care should be a priority. What you think about this? What should be done to prevent negligence and carelessness of the kids?

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    Yeah not only these but the society as such has become more unsafe and there are atrocities being reported everywhere and in addition to these we have more pressing issues like pollution, health problems at a young age .. All these make you wonder if you have done the right thing by bringing kids into the present scenario...

    We can't speak for all but we can make sure we create a safe haven for our kids at home and teach them the right things, values and help them be more compassionate and good human beings rather than aspiring for them to be more successful etc..


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    There’s nothing you can really do. People who aren't equipped for parenthood are going to continue to have kids...

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