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Thread: How to deal with my cribbing grandmother?

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    I live with my grandma and my cousinn. I have been for a while. My mom and dad moved somewhere else but I wanted to stay in the town I'm in. My grandma tries her best for me and my cuzz but she doesn't understand anything about how the world is today. I'm 15. Lol.andd Idkk, its hard living with her. Were like complete opposites. She's pessimistic, I'm opptimistic, she thinks the worse, I think the best. We argue alottt! Over stupid things. Like if I vaccume before I dust then ill be in a lot of trouble. I barely ever have friends over because of her. I have to make up some big lie just to hangout and do things with people. Whenever I try to talk to her about anything she just blows me off. Like I don't mean anything. I try to express myself and just be myself at my house and tell my opinions about things but I cantt. I have to hold it all in.
    Any advice on how to overcome this problem??

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    You need to understand that it is a big change for her also to have teenagers in her house after a long time..

    Be patient.. Old people are very used to doing things a particular way and are not ready to change.. Change means insecurity to them and if you suggest something better they only become defensive..
    Part of it is lack of understanding and part of it is resistance.. They struggle to keep things going as they used to before...

    Do things her way that will certainly ease some of the tension and also tell her her way works better although you might be sure you are right..Since she has agreed to take care of you at her age...it would be good if you can see things from her point of view..

    If she is not much of a talker then just make sure you do your chores around the house (acc to her standards) and keep to yourself...Better not to give your opinions when its not called for ..
    Make your stay more memorable and don't treat it like a punishment..


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