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Thread: Traveling information.

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    Hi! I'm new here and am planning on traveling to the Caribbean island of Dominican Republic to a resort called charlisangels, due to the fact this forum has many vacations post regarding information as such I was hoping I can gain information about my visit to charlisangels adult vacations. Any tips or advise would be helpful.

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    I am planning a trip for Thailand. does anyone have any suggestion and idea.


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    Wow Thailand… Sounds good
    Thailand is famous for yummy Thai dishes and gigantic beaches. This territory also has numerous gazing tourist attractions which cannot be missed out. The following are as such popular destinations:-

    • Ayuthaya
    • Ko Chang Islands
    • Similan Islands
    • Ko Tarutao Islands
    • Railay beach
    • Phang Nga Bay
    • Ko Yao Island Resort
    • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar
    • Ko Phi Phi
    • Mai Samui Beach Resort & Spa
    • Pattaya
    • Kanchanaburi

    The very most attractive spots in Bangkok are:-
    • China Town
    • Bangkok Dolls & Museum
    • The Grand Palace
    • Sanam Luang/Thung Phra Men
    • The City Pillar Shrine
    • King Prajadhipok Museum

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