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Thread: Top 19 Safety Tips While Traveling

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    Top 19 Safety Tips While Traveling

    Traveling with kids can be a challenge, especially with the added worry of safety thrown into the mix.

    It is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children's safety, so these following suggestions may help to avoid accidents and the horror of lost children...

    1. Before leaving on your holiday remind children about your family safety procedures for dealing with strangers, what to do if they get lost.

    2. Keep a recent photo of children handy, also a photocopy of passports kept in a safe place or with a relative that can fax it to you in case of loss.

    3. If you label children's clothing, make sure the label is inside so strangers are not able to learn child's name.

    4. A single parent travelling with children should ensure that permission from other parent is readily available for authorities (this is to prevent one parent abductions). This is especially important for air/train or cross border travel.

    5. Always ensure one parent is in charge of keeping an eye on children and perhaps other parent can look after arrangements for travel.

    6. Dressing children in bright colors makes them readily visible. Try to remember what they are wearing

    7. Consider using a harness for toddlers, especially in busy places like airports, attractions.

    8. Remind children about road safety rules, hold the hand of children under nine at all times when crossing a road or at an intersection.

    9. Remind older children to always tell you where they are going, who with and what time they will be back, have a contact number for them also.

    10. Review your home address, telephone number and provide your children with the name, address and telephone number of a relative or friend to contact in an emergency.

    11. Provide a relative or friend with your travel itinerary and the name and telephone number of any hotels or resorts where you will be staying, if available.

    12. Ensure that all occupants of any vehicles are properly secured and that there are no large or heavy items in the vehicle that may injure the occupants at any sudden stops. See the link below for more information on car safety.

    13. Never leave children alone in a car, temperatures can rise rapidly in a parked car, especially in tropical places.

    14. If travelling by air, make sure all family members are secured by the safety belts when seated.

    15. When using highchairs in restaurants, make sure that children are secured by waist and middle strap.

    16. Remind children to stay away from all animals. Make them aware of poisonous insects, snakes etc.

    17. Keep medicines and poisons away from small children and watch that children don't eat any plants.

    18. If you are bringing or plan on using bicycles while on vacation make sure all family members are biking safely

    19. Go over pool and water safety with them.

    Then after you got the 19 tips above you are ready to go, but before that,are you going to buy yourself for anything for travelling? Yes equipments. Including clothes, hiking boots,if you are going hiking, sun cream is also needed.

    Wish you have a good trip!

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    heyy, thats kewl. Some tips got in handy. I already made notes of some. Thanks...

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    you are welcome, and you can share your tips here·

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    Thanks for the useful tips.... It comes handy...as I will be travelling shortly...


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    Thnks for giving us this useful tips, Everyone should follow these tips for successful journey...

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