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Thread: We Indians are very emotional

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    Why is it that we are so closely attached to our family. At 50 also our mothers are concerned if we have had our dinner, if we have locked our house properly while going out, or if we wake up on time to catch an early morning flight ?

    Why is it that even if we have an unruly teenage son/daughter, we still bear their tantrums and pressure, and some parents also the violence from their teenage child ?
    We still contnue to want them to be with us with the hopes that they would improve. We are concerned about their academic career. We are concerned about their marraige. And if it is a daughter, we would further be concerned about her child. The Grandmother is expected to take care of her daughter as well as her child. At the end of it the children are so selfish and ungrateful, so demanding.

    Still we continue to be emotional. WHY ?

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    I think you should rejoice on this fact...

    Loving is all about accepting one inspite of their flaws..

    You can still find the joint family system in many places in India and luckily for us the joint system or arranged marriage system has worked more often than not..

    In India, unlike in Western countries, the concept of family is much wider reaching to cousins, uncles, aunts etc. so extended family is also important..

    In the west the concept of the parents taking care of their children beyond 18 or living with them or interfering in thier matters is almost unheard of ..

    How many of us can stay without talking to our parents or children for more than a week...?

    The emotional bonding starts at a very young age and its something many of us take for granted.. Even when it comes to grandparents we share a special bond unlike the west where their involvement is less..

    In nuclear families also one can't ignore these things..

    Its slowly changing as a lot of people have smaller famlies so the extended family concept is gradually fading ..

    We care ..whether or not about the society or the social issues or hygiene etc... we still care about our family...

    Its become synonymous with being an Indian..

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